Dance / Movement Therapy Workshops

Dance in Education

Dance movement therapy can be used highly effectively with both educators and students. Dance therapy helps educators expand their teaching/facilitation skills by incorporating the use of expressive movements and gestures. They are made aware of non-verbal aspects of their facilitation that influence the teaching process, like body language, facial expressions,voice and so on. This helps facilitate a better teacher-student equation. 




About DMT


“Dance/movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process that furthers emotional, cognitive, and physical integration in individuals. It effects changes in feelings, cognition, physical functioning and behavior."

                    - The American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)


Dance/movement therapy consists of movement activities which are therapeutic as well as fun. These increase range of motion, body co-ordination, attention span and develop spatial awareness, memory and sequencing skills and group co-ordination. Dancing together helps gain self-esteem and confidence while sharing thoughts, ideas and stories through one's body. Most important of all, one learns to be creative and imaginative while being sensitive to each other’s movement cues and language.



Corporate Programmes of Dance therapy


We offer specialized programs for the corporate as well as educational settings. For the corporates, specific areas such as stress release, enhanced work productivity, team building and personal as well as professional well-being are addressed. The corporate module focuses on helping them de-stress and release tension in their bodies, improving blood flow, stamina and overall health. There is intra and inter-personal skill development, increase in confidence, goal achievement, increased satisfaction and improved work relations.



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Mugdha Shivapurkar

DMT Facilitator and Co-ordinator


Mugdha, is a counsellor and a Certified Dance/Movement Therapy Facilitator from the International Council of Dance-France. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has a keen interest in Research. This very interest, coupled with the thirst to learn new things is why she handles research at Artsphere!! Combining her passion for Psychology and Movement Therapy, she aims to do substantial research that will promote the vast scope of this field all across India. Mugdha has also trained in Visual Art Therapy and has completed the advanced course in Graphology along with being a Certified Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner. She has also completed a course in Adlerian Therapy and takes regular counselling sessions. A keen observer and empathetic counsellor, Mugdha follows the Client Centered Therapy approach to heal her patients. 

Akshata Parekh

Dancer, Performer & Arts Based Therapist

Akshata is a highly enthusiastic & energetic member of the Artsphere team. With a love for dance and a never ending thirst to learn new things, Akshata has completed her graduation in Mass Communication and is currently pursuing her Masters in Bharatanatyam from Bharatiya Vidya Peeth and her Professional Dance Certifcation under Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts (SNDA). In addition to being a wonderful Bharatnatyam and folk dancer, she has also learnt contemporary, belly dancing and West African forms of dance. Having developed an interest in Dance therapy and alternative healing, she pursued courses in Counselling, Visual Art Therapy, Drum Therapy, Reiki and is also a certified Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner. With all this knowledge and incredible potential she organizes and conducts various events & workshops and continues to bring the same zeal and chutzpah in all that she does!





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