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What is Arts Based Therapy



Arts Based Therapy is defined as the clinical and evidence-based use of art-forms (music, drama, and visual arts) to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. It is the practice of using imagery, storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry, movement, and visual arts together, in an integrated way, to nurture human growth, development, and healing.

Expressive art therapy can also aid a child in achieving better self-awareness, relief from stress or anxiety, learning disorders, autism, and other traumatic experiences. Through art therapy, children receive treatment that is based on their existing strengths, weaknesses, interests, and concerns. It can help individuals of all ages and races.


1. Facilitates self-awareness 2. Enhances self-esteem 3. Reduces anxiety 4. Encourages reminiscing 5. Maintains and/or increases mobility 6. Enhances body-mind connectivity 7. Focus on non-verbal communication as method of therapy.


It will help the participants achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Beneficial for both physical and mental health, Art based therapy can be used for stress reduction, disease prevention, mood management and pain management.

Artsphere offers Arts based Therapy for all age groups. We offer healing through all art forms across all populations including those with special needs, psychological, emotional and physical issues. Art facilitates emotional release and brings about remediation and rehabilitation. The sessions for children are led by Mrs. Nandita Paul. 




By Artsphere

Contact : 9561720001

Email : artsphere.pune

Facilitator : Nandita Paul

Remedial Therapist, Story Teller & Teacher

Nandita Saxena Paul is a Senior English Teacher, Special Needs Educator, Learning Support and Remedial Teacher. She has done her Masters in English Literature and also holds a degree in Bachelor Of Education. She is a university position holder with a scholarship. She has been teaching since 1983, in Indian and International schools as well as in Centres for children with special needs. She also practices Conductive Education, a transdisciplinary method of teaching children with Cerebral Palsy, currently only practiced abroad. 
She counsels parents and provides remediation to SEN children. She conducts staff training for pre schools focussing on the VAK method of teaching, Brain Gym and Multiple Intelligences. She conducts Story Telling sessions for children, that are very interactive and completely hands on. She uses Rory's Story cubes for creative on the spot story building and language development. She holds workshops on regular basis for parents on various topics. She facilitates ABT Remediation sessions at Artsphere for children with special needs.





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