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Total Yoga is a yoga style and school that seeks to simplify yoga for everyone. The Total Yoga program comprises 3 classes a week. Each day a different style is taught: Vinyasa-flow, classical Hatha yoga and Power yoga! Pranayam and Meditation are a part of every class.The focus is first on Fitness; then De-Stresing. Exploration of deeper realms comes through Yoga Nidra and other Meditation techniques. Internal Kriyas & Shatkarmas for cleansing of the body are also taught and practiced periodically. Finally, involvement of the student-community in Karma Yoga volunteering projects so that one can practice Service. It’s truly a TOTAL YOGA experience!


Timings :

Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 7.30 to 8.30 am & 9:30 to 10:30 am



Yoga By Total Yoga



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Pilates by Moushu's Pilates in Pune

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Instructor : Moushumi Kuvawala

Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

Moushumi Kuvawala is a Physiotherapist/ Pilates Instructor and Fitness expert (UK-APPI). Specialised as a Manual therapist and a Neuro-Physiotherapist, she treats patients with various orthopaedic and neurological disorders as well as sport injuries.



Pilates, a core control and muscle toning exercise regime, helps develop the Core Muscle strength. The workouts help tone the body especially the abs and improve Posture. These sets of focused exercises help build a mind- body centring technique which the individual can implement in daily life thus enhancing and energising their day. Pilates forms a set of functional training exercises which supplement all other forms of fitness from Yoga/ running to Gym workouts improving the efficiency of each.

Pilates classes are conducted as either mat workouts using various small equipments like therabands, balls, foam rollers etc or as equipment classes using the reformer, combo chair, arcs and many more. The Reformer and Chair are single pieces of equipment using adjustable springs to regulate tension and resistance and which allows exercises to be done from a variety of positions. A single unit encompassing an entire body workout!


Group Matwork Classes 

Choose from all days of the week to just once a week!


Days and Timings

Mon/ Wed/Fri                Tue/Thurs

7:30am-8:30am             8am-9am

6pm- 7pm                      10am-11am


Group Equipment Classes

Choose your equipment and set your class pace! 

Choose from personalised sessions to small groups of 2/3.

Monday to Friday - 7.30 am to 12.30 pm by prior bookings




Prana Yoga


Prana is the life giving force to every living being. Prana Yoga is a form of yoga (union) of movement with Prana. A science of an Internal Rhythm, yes, every living being has an internal rhythm. Prana Yoga aims at maintaining this internal rhythm by working on 5 elements and energy centres of the body. An Integrative approach to Yoga where gentle yogic movements along with deep cleansing and rejuvenating breath practices leave you energetic, light and balanced inside out.


Days and Timings

Wednesday & Friday - 11 am to 12 pm




Prana Yoga by Namrata Nair & Nita Aggarwal

Instructors : Namrata & Nita


A student at heart forever, she started her journey of Yoga a decade back. Her vision is to create awareness about HEALTH V/s FITNESS. She believes; Health is in the MIND and fitness is in the MUSCLES. She places her faith in integrative health solutions where Mind Body and Breath are united. Yoga gave her the perfect platform to accomplish her vision of Holistic health.


Her inner Journey with Yoga began 2 decades back when she was diagnosed with lifestyle disease. And there has been no looking back ever since. Yoga has helped her connect with her inner self and inner space she never knew existed before.

She believes; Health begins in your mind. Mind and Body connection is inevitable. Body just follows what the mind directs it towards. It’s like cleaning the glass from outside when the dirt is inside. Today she lives yoga on and off the mat with a balanced emotional physical and mental health.

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Yoga Instructors

manish & neetu
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Pilates Instructor

moushumi kuvawala