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Prana is the life giving force to every living being. Prana Yoga is a form of yoga (union) of movement with Prana. A science of an Internal Rhythm, yes, every living being has an internal rhythm. Prana Yoga aims at maintaining this internal rhythm by working on 5 elements and energy centers of the body. An Integrative approach to Yoga where gentle yogic movements along with deep cleansing and rejuvenating breath practices leave you energetic, light and balanced inside out.


Days and Timings

Tuesday & Thursday - 7 am to 8 am




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Yoga by Anunnaad Yoga

Instructor : Namrata Nair


A student at heart forever, she started her journey of Yoga a decade back. Her vision is to create awareness about HEALTH V/s FITNESS. She believes; Health is in the MIND and fitness is in the MUSCLES. She places her faith in integrative health solutions where Mind Body and Breath are united. Yoga gave her the perfect platform to accomplish her vision of Holistic health.

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Yoga Instructor

Namrata Nair
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