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Hindustani Classical
By Kuldeep Rawal

Singer, Instrumentalist & Hindustani Vocals Trainer

Kuldeep Rawal is a professional musician who has been performing for the past 20 years. He has done his Visharad in Hindustani Classical Music and has studied Vocal Music under the Gwaliar Gharana. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays the Tabla, Dholak, Dholki, Harmonium and many other instruments with equal dexterity. He works as a session’s musician as well as an educator. He also composes and arranges music for films along with his partner Avinash Thombre.

Hindustani Classical Vocals



This class would aim at teaching Hindustani Classical Vocals along with training in the Flute, the Tabla and the Harmonium. The focus will be on helping the students to develop the tonal quality of their voices along with their musical sense.


Day & Timings :

Sunday - 1 to 2 pm & 2 to 3 pm



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