By Shito Ryu Karate Do Kensho Bugei Kai International

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Instructor: Haridas Govind (Dan 6)

Technical Director and Chief Karate Instructor, Shito Ryu - KBK

Shihan Haridas Govind Is the Technical Director and Head Coach for Shito Ryu KBK International. He represents Kenwa Kai (a Japanese School) in India. He holds a 6 Dan black belt (Certification from Japan and also by the World Karate Federation). He also holds a Grade ‘A’ National Referee License. Over the last 3 decades he has trained under many reputed International masters including the 1980 World Champion and ex national coach of Japan Seiji Nishimura. Shihan Haridas is a Direct student of the legendary Master Hanshi Tanaka (8 Dan). He has been a mentor and coach to many Indian and international Karate Champions over the last 25 years. The reigning Ghana National Karate Champion (since last 8 years consecutively) is his student. He is also the coach of the 2013 Pune District Karate Champion.

 Japanese Karate



In this age of speed and fast life we are exposed to various challenges. For each age group the challenges seem different. For adults it’s the challenge of getting closer to a state of physical fitness and flexibility that they have almost forgotten. Karate training can provide these benefits along with Self-Defence. The recent incidences of abuse and assaults against women and children are not new developments; such crimes have always been committed (since ancient times) but many went unreported. The only difference now is that we are more aware of it and that there is a desire to act in every way against this crime. Training in our Karate classes would be the right direction for building "awareness and ability" to enable one to live a safer life.


Days & Timings :

Friday - 6 to 7 pm & 7 to 8 pm

Sunday - 5 to 6 pm & 6 to 7 pm



By Capoeira Pune

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Instructor : Sagar Jain

Traveller & Capoeira Instructor, Capoeira Pune

Sagar Jain has trained in Kick Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts and is currently pursuing his final year in Commerce from Ness Wadia College.  He has also done a basic Mountaineering Course and works towards training, guiding and sharing Capoeira knowledge through regular classes in Pune. He has trained with renowned Capoeiristas from Capoeira Brazil, New York, Abu Dhabi and Paris, Cordao de Ouro, Mumbai/Paris and Capoeira Angola Auroville. He has also participated in various Capoeira events like in Pune Batizado, Kala Goda Festival Mumbai and Auroville Capoeira Angola Festival.



Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art developed by the African slaves in Brazil as a form of expression and retaliation against slavery in the 16th century. Through acrobatic and fluid movements, kicks, music, camaraderie and axé (good energy), capoeira distinguishes itself from other martial arts. Capoeira is the dance of freedom, fight, feeling, energy, friendship and confidence. Capoeira involves acrobatics, fight, dance, movements, discipline & fun. The Roda (circle) is where Capoeira is played to music, led by the Capoeira instruments: Berimbau, Pandeiro and Atabaque. Capoeiristas play Capoeira, as opposed to fighting. It provides a unique opportunity to its practitioners to learn a new language, to sing, and to exercise their mind, body and spirit.


Days & Timing : 

Tuesday & Thursday - 7 to 8.30 pm

Sunday - 8 to 9.30 pm



By Pune Aikikai

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Instructor : Anoop Chengra (Dan 2)

Anoop Chengara Sensei presently holds the rank of Sandan (third degree black belt), conferred upon him by Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan. He is a student of Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei, 6 dan, Chief Instructor of Abiding Spirit Aikikai and Director of the Aikido Shimboku Kai and of Michelle Tate Sensei, 4 dan, also of Abiding Spirit Aikikai.


Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei, in the 1920's. It evolved from the older forms of Jujutsu to a non-violent, defensive martial art. At the heart of Aikido is the Eastern concept of Ki (universal life force or energy). Aikido seeks to unite this universal Ki with the Ki found within each person. The main principle in the execution of the techniques is to control the aggressor without inflicting injury. This is done by redirecting the force of attack, culminating in a throw, joint lock or immobilization. Through training in Aikido, one can develop one's ability for self-protection. Aikido is also very beneficial for health, improving ones flexibility and conditioning, and helping to get the body into optimal shape. This training is suitable for all types – men and women, young and old. 


Days & Timings : 

Thursday - 6.30 to 8.30 pm 

Saturday -  8 am to 10 am

Sunday - 6 to 8 pm



Mixed Martial Arts

ORIENT COMBAT ARTS is committed to providing the most Easy, Effective & Realistic Fitness & Self-Defense Training program available today. Like the Mixed Martial Artist of today, we believe that one should be competent in all ranges of fighting, including Stand up and Ground Fighting, both with and without Weapons. While Fitness and Self-Defense is our main Focus, our Students regularly participate in District, State & National Championship. Our school has earned a reputation for high quality and safe instruction and for developing quality, competitive fighters. Students who have chosen to compete have won numerous District, State, National Title and Medals, giving testament to the quality of our diverse training. We organize Camps, Work Shops, Seminars, Tournaments on regular basis. Our Students also participate in District, State, National & International Training Camps & Tournaments. At OCA we teach an art of using the Body & Mind for the purposes of Self Defense and Fitness. All of our Martial Art programs focus on improving the Body and the Mind. We offer Martial Art classes for all ages – you are never too old or too out of shape to start.

Day & Timings

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday - 8 to 9 pm

MMA by Orient Combat Arts


Instructor : Firoz Sayyed


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